With parent-teacher conferences right around the corner, teachers are excited to share student work and strengthen partnerships with families. Did you know that being involved in your child's education can lead to greater student success in school? It's true: Research shows that when families are involved in their children's learning both at home and at school, children perform better academically.

Not sure how to start the conversation with your child's teacher? We have some tips to get you started.

Vaccinations don’t just protect your child – they protect everyone your child comes in contact with. Certain vaccinations are required by MMSD to protect all our students and staff. You can find the list of required immunizations on the MMSD Health Services webpage. You can also check the Wisconsin Immunization Registry and view information about the free immunization clinic. Check the registry, or talk with your doctor to make sure that your vaccination schedule is complete, or up to date.

Your child's report card will look different this year. Rather than giving number grades (1-4), K-5 teachers will be reporting on your child's progress toward grade-level expectations, or standards, that students should meet by the end of the school year.

Visit mmsd.org/report-cards to find resources to help you and your child understand what the new report cards mean and measure. View a sample report card for each grade level; watch videos; download general resources including an extensive guide and FAQs for families, a quick-reference guide, and bookmarks; or reference materials that you can use to guide the conversation at your next parent-teacher conference.

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