AVID logoStudents in the Madison Metropolitan School District’s Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) and the Boys & Girls Club’s Teens of Promise (TOPS) programs are graduating high school and attending college at higher rates, enrolling in more AP and honors courses and missing less days of school, according to new analysis of the program completed by the Wisconsin HOPE Lab. The program started in 2007 at East High School with 28 students. It is now in 11 of the district’s middle schools and the four traditional high schools, serving more than 1200 students. Learn more

Spring is an important time to schedule your child and/or adolescent’s yearly well-child visit. A parent or guardian often knows to take his or her child to their health care provider when sick, but may forget that a visit for their healthy child is just as important. If your child is going into kindergarten or 6th grade it is especially important to schedule the well-child visit as there is a new set of immunization requirements at these ages. Learn more.

Read Up is gaining momentum! Join the Read Up campaign to promote reading and give parents and caregivers tools to help children get more from their reading.
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