MMSD Budget 2013-2014 Considerations

What can you do?

Fill out the petition

If you oppose private school vouchers, sign your name to the statewide petition on private school vouchers by clicking here.

Contact your legislators

Let the legislators who represent you know how you feel about private school vouchers and other budget impacts on Madison schools. To find out who your legislators are, click here.

Contact the Governor

Email the Governor at about how the proposed budget impacts your school.

Contact the Joint Finance Committee

The joint finance committee will take up the Governor’s budget proposals in the coming weeks. Contact members of the committee by clicking here.

Encourage friends, family to contact their legislators

Nine districts across the state would be affected by private school vouchers. All public schools would be affected by special education vouchers and provisions on charter schools. Encourage your friends and family across the state to get involved and in touch with their legislators.