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Madison Metropolitan School District

Weekly Update to the Board of Education 2-17-2022

Weekly Update to the Board of Education 2-17-2022

A message from Superintendent Carlton D. Jenkins, Ph.D.

Dear Board Members,

This week marks the fourth week of our third quarter. Throughout this week, our students, staff, families, and community have continued to display resilience while wrestling with the impact of multiple pandemics. Moreover, despite our state and nation continuing to face labor shortages, global supply chain disruptions, and rising inflation, we have witnessed a quiet determination throughout our district to live up to our core values.

During Monday’s Operations Work Group meeting, each of the presentations exemplified our core values. Our budget update shared insights on how we might invest our precious resources in programs and practices which embrace equity and excellence. Our referendum update shared our progress in upgrading our learning spaces in ways which exhibit creativity and foster a greater sense of belonging. Finally, our Human Resources update displayed the core value of focus, while sharing progress on refining the department's practices.

The constructive dialogue at our board meeting reflects our district’s efforts to accelerate learning for all students, while eliminating disparities. As we pursue these noble aims, our district will benefit from hearing the voices of our students, families, staff, and community. Therefore, we will host four virtual World Café events next week to generate dialogue around our district plan for ESSER III Federal monies. We look forward to the discussions helping to shape our planning and implementation efforts.

As we engage in the important work of refining our policies and practices, we must keep our students at the center of our efforts. During visits to schools throughout our district, we are witnessing innovative instructional efforts, engaging co-curricular programming, and instances where our students and staff are striving for human decency at the highest level. Our challenge is to make these pockets of excellence more systemic and representative of the immense potential of the students, staff, and families in our dynamic district and special community.

Thank you for your leadership as well as ongoing support and partnership. We look forward to providing you with more updates on our district’s progress next week.

Carlton D. Jenkins, Ph.D.


Weekly Update, February 17, 2022