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Madison Metropolitan School District

Weekly Update to the Board of Education 4-29-2021

A message from Superintendent Carlton D. Jenkins, Ph.D.

Dear Board Members,

This week, which marks the fourth week of our 4th Quarter, has certainly been eventful. On Tuesday, we continued implementing our phased reopening plan by welcoming our students in grades 7,8,10, and 11 back into our buildings for in-person instructional options. For the first time since March 2020, all our grades have been transitioned back to instructional models which include in-person learning.

Throughout this week, our district has continued advocating for resources and strategies which will eliminate disparities and accelerate learning for all students. One outlet for this advocacy is our 2021-22 budget adoption process, which outlines our intention for aligning our investments with our Core Values and Strategic Framework goals. During Monday’s board meeting, early budget votes, as well as discussion of planning for “early literacy and beyond,” exemplified the spirit of our advocacy. It is our firm belief - building the capacity of our district to teach reading to all students reflects our desire to value every member of our community regardless of their race, gender, transgender status, home language, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, immigration status, religion, or disability status.

Our advocacy conversations are augmented by our district’s intentional efforts to enhance the skills of our staff through professional development. Some examples of these efforts occurred with principals and district leaders this week. On Tuesday, our Senior Leadership Team experienced a mini-professional development session on Language Essential for Teaching Reading (LETRS). On Wednesday, our Principal Meeting involved extensive professional development with Dr. Gloria Ladson Billings, which was designed to build their capacity to lead intentional efforts which will enhance reading instruction. We look forward to these leaders integrating insights from their professional development into the practice elements of their leadership roles as well as their interactions with our students, families, other staff, and community members.

Thanks for your continued support and partnership. We look forward to providing you with more updates on our district’s progress next week.

Carlton D. Jenkins, Ph.D.


Weekly Update, April 29, 2021

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