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Madison Metropolitan School District

Weekly Update to the Board of Education 5-6-2021

A message from Superintendent Carlton D. Jenkins, Ph.D.

Dear Board Members,

This week, which marks the fifth week of our 4th Quarter, has certainly been eventful. Throughout this week, our district has continued planning for Summer School and Fall 2021, while strategically examining resources and strategies which will eliminate disparities and accelerate learning for all students.

In order to align our resources and strategies to our greatest opportunities, we continue to lift up the voices of our students, staff, families and community members. During Monday’s Instruction Work Group meeting, district staff and board members exemplified these efforts through discussions of Strategic Partnerships and Reopening Schools. Both these discussions examined ways to increase collaboration between district stakeholders in order to maximize our capacity to ensure every student graduates ready for college, careers, and the community. Increased collaboration and intentionality will enable us to put “our community in the schools and our schools in the community.”

Our strategic conversations with community stakeholders are augmented by our intentional efforts to support the many outstanding initiatives and practices which are occurring in our schools. This week, we celebrate the accomplishments of our teachers who provide innovative, rigorous, and differentiated instruction to our district’s talented and diverse learners. In addition, we recognize the efforts of our administrators whose hard work supports the instructional efforts of our teachers to prepare the next generation of leaders and professionals. We are very appreciative of the contributions our staff make to the lives of our students and families, as we work to ensure every member of our community thrives regardless of their race, gender, transgender status, home language, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, immigration status, religion, or disability status.

Thanks for your continued support and partnership. We look forward to providing you with more updates on our district’s progress next week.

Carlton D. Jenkins, Ph.D.


Weekly Update, May 6, 2021

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