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Madison Metropolitan School District

Weekly Update to the Board of Education 7-14-2022

A message from Superintendent Carlton D. Jenkins, Ph.D.

Dear Board Members,

This week marks the fourth week of our summer semester. During this week, our students, staff, families, and community members have continued demonstrating resilience and determination during a time of national and international uncertainty in the midst of an ever-changing global pandemic; persistent financial uncertainty caused by rampant inflation; global supply chain disruptions; political partisanship; and ongoing instances of injustice. This determination is seen in their everyday strivings for human decency while participating in the academic, civic, and artistic life of our community.

During this time of year, we see evidence of preparations for the upcoming school year. Scholars are participating in summer semester and other enrichment programming through MSCR. Staff are refining school improvement plans while contemplating tasks needed to be prepared for fall opening. Families are beginning to plan for back-to-school wardrobes as well as thinking about purchasing school supplies. Community members are inquiring about the progress of our summer building renovations. We note, each of these activities are being undertaken while balancing taking needed days for summer restoration and reflection.

As we all continue to engage in our summer activities, I would like to thank you for your ongoing support and partnership. I look forward to providing you with further updates on our district’s progress in the coming weeks.

Carlton D. Jenkins, Ph.D.


Weekly Update, July 14, 2022