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Madison Metropolitan School District

Safety and Student Wellness Ad Hoc Committee

About the Ad Hoc Committee

The Board of Education voted to establish an Ad Hoc committee relative to Safety and Student Wellness on March 14, 2022. The committee is composed of 13 people recommended by the Board of Education. Board member Maia Pearson and student Lavenia Vulpal are co-chairs for the 2022-2023 school year.

With the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and continued gaps in community mental health and wellness services, this committee aims to collaborate with youth, families, school partners, district staff, and community leaders to address root causes of student disengagement and behavior. 

Mission/Charge of the Committee

The mission of the committee is to create and implement a vision of Safety & Student Wellness through community engagement and action. This work will include making recommendations to the Board of Education around strategies and creating a system of accountability among partners and stakeholders. 

Draft plan

Guiding Questions: 

  • What is our vision for student safety and wellness? 
  • What would you like MMSD to do differently or more? 
  • What are you committed to doing to support our vision?

Membership and Meeting Frequency

Four stakeholder groups will allow the core group of voting members to engage with stakeholders in order to keep them informed of the work, and provide opportunities for feedback. 

At the start, the committee plans to meet every other week. They may reduce that cadence to once per month, as the committee sees fit. At this time, they anticipate meeting for 18 months. 

Ad Hoc Core Committee Membership (Oct. 6, 2022)

Meeting Notice

Ad Hoc Committee meeting dates/times, agendas, and minutes are published on BoardDocs.

View meeting agendas and notices

Meetings are also broadcast on the Board of Education's YouTube channel.

Watch meetings on YouTube

Share Feedback

Madison, we want to hear from you. We would appreciate hearing from you as you reflect on the questions we are asking. We want to hear your vision of what student wellness and safety looks like in MMSD. 

Or, if you are an individual or community organization with specific resources, programs, or investment ideas to make our vision come alive in Madison schools, your guidance and advice is  invaluable. Please be as specific as possible so we can incorporate your ideas and contact you if you are ready to roll up your sleeves and support the mental, social-emotional, and physical health of our students in schools.