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Madison Metropolitan School District

April 7, 2022 Meeting Recap

On April 7, the newly formed Safety and Student Wellness Ad Hoc Committee held its second meeting over Zoom. The committee's mission is to create and implement a vision of Safety & Student Wellness through community engagement and action. 

After going over procedural matters and introductions, the committee discussed their structure and role, as well as that of the stakeholder groups that will help them engage with community members. The group also discussed ideas to be included in a comprehensive communication plan.  

The committee's structure is noteworthy – this is the first time a hybrid group of adults and students are collaborating in a way that gives students this level of voting power. In this way, students will be helping to shape district safety and student wellness policies by making recommendations to the Board of Education.

The next step is for the committee to create a shared vision and values for students' safety and wellness by collaborating with students, staff, families, and the community. To do so, they will be  leaning on stakeholder groups charged with helping to gather feedback on the committee's guiding questions: 

  • What is our vision for student safety and wellness? 
  • What would you like MMSD to do differently or more? 
  • What are you committed to doing to support our vision?

Outreach will include utilizing the district's usual communication channels (social media, newsletters, website, and so on) as well as direct outreach to students (through clubs, emails, announcements, learning centers, the juvenile detention center, etc.), parent/guardian groups, staff, and community groups. 

Amplifying the voices of those whose perspectives are underrepresented or underheard from in the district will be a priority. Schools' multicultural service coordinators, student support staff, bilingual resource staff, and other staff who have strong, trusting relationships with students and families, will be critical to this work. 

Once this shared vision is solidified, the committee will begin to work on developing recommendations – policy, practices, budgetary, and so on to improve safety and wellness – as well as deadlines and implementation strategies they will submit to the Board of Education. 

The next meeting is April 28, 2022 at 5:15 p.m. You can watch that on the Board of Education's YouTube channel

If you have questions about the committee or its work, you can reach them through the Let's Talk feature on MMSD's website.