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Madison Metropolitan School District

2022-2023 School Year Calendar

Note: All elementary and middle schools release early on Mondays. MMSD will accommodate students’ religious beliefs and recognizes religious holidays, and schools shall avoid scheduling exams, athletic events/contests and other special events on those days. See for details and a list of observed holidays.

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Date Event
3 Online Enrollment Begins
9 Fall Primary Election
17 - 19 New Staff Days
24-30 Staff Learning/Prep Days
31 Staff Voluntary Day


Date Event
1 School Starts for Grades 4K, K, 6, 9 and Early Childhood (EC);
Beginning of 1st Quarter/1st Semester
2 ALL students attend regular schedule
5 No School - Labor Day


Date Event
14 No School - Staff Only Day
28 End of 1st Quarter

Beginning of 2nd Quarter;
Mid Day Release for Elementary School Conference Planning

10:35 a.m. release: Anana, Crestwood, Franklin, Hawthorne, Henderson, Huegel, Lapham, Leopold, Lowell, Marquette, Mendota, Randall, and Stephens

11:25 a.m. release: Allis, Chavez, Elvehjem, Emerson, Lincoln, Midvale, Muir, Nuestro Mundo, Olson, Schenk, Thoreau, and Van Hise

11:45 a.m. release: Lindbergh, Orchard Ridge, and Shorewood

12:15 p.m. release: Gompers, Kennedy, Sandburg, and Lakeview


Date Event
3 Elementary School Evening Conferences
4 No School for Elementary, EC and 4K Conferences
8 Fall Regular Election
16 High School Evening Conferences
17 No School - High School only; Conferences
Middle School Evening Conferences
18 No School - Middle School only; Conferences
23-25 No School - Fall Break


Date Event
5 No School - Staff Only Day
21 - 31 No School - Winter Break


Date Event
1 - 3 No School - Winter Break
4 School Resumes
16 No School - Martin Luther King Jr. Day
20 No School - Grade Reporting;
End of 2nd Quarter, 1st Semester
23 Beginning of 3rd Quarter/2nd Semester


Date Event
9 Middle School Evening Conferences
10 No School - Middle School only; Conferences
21 Spring Primary Election
24 No School - Staff Only Day

MARCH 2023

Date Event
6 District wide Enrollment for Kindergarten/4K
7 ACT Test Grade 11 - No School for Grades 9, 10 or 12
9 High School Evening Conferences
10 No School - High School only; Conferences
24 End of 3rd Quarter
27-31 No School - Spring Break

APRIL 2023

Date Event
3 School Resumes; Beginning of 4th Quarter
4 Spring Election
5 PreACT Testing Grades 9 and 10 Only
- No School for grades 11 or 12
7 Elementary School - Mid Day Release for Conferences Planning (No 4K or EC - AM, PM, or Full-Day classes)
10 No School - Staff Only Day
13 Elementary - Afternoon and Evening Conferences (No 4K or EC - AM, PM, or Full-Day classes)

MAY 2023

Date Event
26 No School - Staff Only Day
29 No School - Memorial Day

JUNE 2023

Date Event
TBD Graduation: Shabazz & Capital
End of 4th Quarter 2nd Semester
9 No School - Staff Only Day,
Graduation: East & La Follette
10 Graduation: Memorial & West
20 First Day of Summer Semester

JULY 2023

Date Event
28 Last Day of Summer Semester