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Madison Metropolitan School District

Wisconsin's 2021 Counselor of the Year is Finalist for National Recognition

Marianne Matt, school counselor at Capital High School, has been named 2021 Wisconsin School Counselor of the Year and is one of five finalists for the 2022 American School Counselor of the Year


Ms. Matt has been a school counselor for nearly seven years. She was selected as the 2021 School Counselor of the Year based on her ability to create lasting change within the profession through leadership, collaboration, and advocacy.


“She skillfully accompanies young people to deal with the crisis in their current lives while guiding them to look forward (and set goals) for their future college and career goals. And she does it all while making each of us feel special and bringing laughter and love to our lives,” said Megan Miller, MMSD social worker.


Ms. Matt works closely with Madison College to connect students to opportunities that will prepare them for post high school success. “She is the reason our school now has a college-going culture, and that our students, who previously did not see college as an option for themselves, now do,” shared Joel Jarosky,Capital High teacher.


After examining Capital High student data, Ms. Matt saw only 52% of African American and multiracial seniors taking a dual credit English course were earning college credit. Matt adjusted her school counseling programming, and as a result, the number of students earning a C or better and receiving college credit increased by 15%. She also recognized that while 69% of her seniors were enrolling in college, many more were expressing interest and not applying. In response, she offered more classroom lessons, and met with students individually more often. As a result, college enrollment increased to 84%!


Congratulations Ms. Matt!