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East High Artists Featured in International Art Exhibit in March

Nahomy Castro Moya

Mar 16 2021 - 10:05am

MMSD is celebrating arts education and the creativity of our students all March long. While students are home learning virtually amid the coronavirus pandemic, East High art teacher April Sopkin is ensuring her art scholars stay connected to the Madison community through visual expression including illustration, graphic arts, and photography.

In February, April’s art students contributed 25 pieces of original artwork for display in an international art exhibit presented by the City of Madison Arts Commission, Garver Events and Sustain Dane called Winter is Alive! A cooler world carnival. The month-long Winter is Alive! arts celebration recognizes the impact art has had on global warming, social justice and the COVID-19 pandemic.

April asked her students to share what they love about winter in Wisconsin. Click on this virtual gallery to see how April’s students creatively and artistically capture the essence of Wisconsin winters.

East High senior, Nahomy Castro Moya, moved from Ecuador to Madison two years ago. Nahomy was intrigued by her teacher’s art assignment because she has only experienced two winters in her lifetime since moving to Madison. “In Ecuador, weather is unpredictable”, explains Nahomy. “It can be cold, rainy or very hot all in the same season. It does not snow in Ecuador so the photography I submitted are pictures of me and my family doing activities in a climate that is beautiful and new to us.”

April Sopkin has taught art in MMSD for 15 years. She understands this year has been a challenging one for her students. April believes the arts are an important outlet for creativity, hope and togetherness.

“In my class, we share each other’s artwork. The students discuss with their classmates their creative process and how they were feeling when they designed a body of work,” said April. “Art is helping us stay connected during these tough times, not just with each other, but with the broader Madison art community as well.”

Learn more about Youth Art Month in this video featuring April Sopkin and Nahomy Castro Moya.

- Marlita Bevenue, MMSD Communications: