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School Start and Dismissal Times

Due to ongoing bus driver shortages, we will maintain our current start and dismissal times for next year. By maintaining the same schedules as this year, we aim to minimize disruptions in transportation service, provide consistency for families, and avoid any major changes.

In July 2018, the MMSD Board of Education approved changing start times, with a tiered implementation over three years. Since then, the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted schools nationwide, including causing MMSD to experience a delay in the original implementation timeline. Schools across the country (including MMSD) continue to face challenges due to driver shortages, which have caused disruptions to transportation scheduling.

Early release allows for professional collaboration time on Mondays

MMSD's commitment to excellence by ensuring all students have the best educational experience is supported through our early release Monday's professional collaboration time. This time offers staff an opportunity to engage in professional learning to enhance their craft and support new learning as it relates to the shifts in best practices and our district priorities. Bus schedules are adjusted to accommodate the early release times. 

School Start and Dismissal Times

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