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Tech Service Updates - What You Need to Know for the 2022-23 School Year

Tech Service Updates - What You Need to Know for the 2022-23 School Year

Family Digital Guidelines 

Madison Metropolitan Public Schools provides students with a device to promote learning anytime, anywhere. This device allows students to access digital tools, communicate with teachers and other learners, build college and career readiness, and receive a personalized educational experience. We believe this is an important tool and part of our school’s curriculum.

During enrollment, families acknowledged and committed to responsibly caring for their device and keeping it in good condition, practicing good digital citizenship, and making responsible decisions when using the device.

Student and Family terms can be found in the following documents (Spanish; English; Hmong)


MMSD uses Securly to keep students safe on their school-issued devices. Securly is the leading provider of cloud-based web filtering for schools using technology. As part of the solution, we have given you access to the free Parent Portal and SecurlyHOME app. You’ll also start to receive a weekly email report with samples of your child’s online activity.

The email address associated with Infinite Campus (IC) will provide you with access to the parent portal. This will allow you to monitor and establish policies for your student’s device while at home.

Securly allows you to gain important insight into your child's browsing habits and online activity while they use their devices at home or off the school's network. You will have access to Securly through email and the Parent Portal. You can use it on your computer or an app on your smartphone. The portal allows you to control your child's access and add filters and blocked pages when the device is used at home. The following directions will provide you access via the app or the web-based portal. We are recommending the SecurlyHome app for real-time access. However, you may utilize either platform to access the Parent Portal.  

For more information and how to access the portal, please visit the family letters below:

English/Spanish-Securly Parent Portal Access

Hmong-Securly Parent Portal Access

Student Passwords for Secondary Students

To strengthen student data security, technical services will require all students in grades 6th-12th to change their passwords during October. To educate students on the importance of password security, schools will provide lessons on password creation and digital citizenship pertaining to data security.

Notifications to parents from Infinite Campus (IC)

We are aware that many IC Users received the following message via Infinite Campus: A data breach on a different site or app has exposed your password. We recommend updating your password via Account Settings. For more information, see

This notification happens if IC has matched your password to that database of compromised account information from third-party systems. Notifying a compromised password does NOT mean that your IC account has been compromised; instead, it means your password matches a password found in that global database.

While the district does not store your personal passwords, we recognize that you might feel more comfortable changing your password for IC. Please note that until the password has been updated, you will continue to receive the message via IC.

To reset your password, please complete the following form.