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Madison Metropolitan School District

School Crossing Guard Recognition Week

January 9-13, 2023 has been declared Adult School Crossing Guard Recognition Week by State Superintendent Jill Underly. Joie Tinberg is one of many crossing guards whose commitment makes a difference in the lives of children in Wisconsin’s schools.

MMSD Alum, Mom Supports Community As School Crossing Guard

When Joie Tinberg was a student safety patrol crossing guard at John Muir Elementary School, she never imagined that decades later, she would be ensuring students like her younger self arrive at school safely every day.

Today, Joie is one of almost 60 professional crossing guards for the City of Madison, whose commitment–especially through subzero temperatures and rainy spring days–is celebrated statewide this week through Adult School Crossing Guard Recognition Week. Joie started her role last year, and now works at both Crestwood and Van Hise Elementary Schools.

“It gives me such a sense of pride, to support not just the students’ safety, but the community in general,” Joie said, adding that she has gained a newfound appreciation for crossing guards; as a mother of a school-aged child, she knows how chaotic driving in school zones can be.

Despite the early mornings and unpredictable weather, Joie said she stays motivated because of how welcoming the families and school communities are. This week, students have gifted her homemade necklaces, cards, and more.

Leslie Dressler, who works at Crestwood, walks to school every day with her two children. She said Joie knows all of the students in the school, and greets each one as they cross the street.

“We love Joie! She keeps our kids very safe on a street that we, as parents, feel concerned about,” Dressler said, referencing Old Sauk Road. “Now, we don’t have to worry, as long as Joie is here.”

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