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Shout outs are posted to the shout out page and emailed to the recipient(s). Questions or comments can be emailed to

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Sharon Alexander rocks! The Technical Services team would like to send a big thank you to Sharon for going above and beyond to collect MMSD chromebooks turned into the Chicago School District. Thank you Sharon!

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Thank You Claudia Verhagen for being such a super co-worker and assisting me with backed up workload so I could start out the new school year with files rolled over, a somewhat clean desk and a boatload of stress off my mind. I am sure we will all agree, this past year was a bit overwhelming but with the help of this amazing young lady and her kindness to offer help I can feel excited about the new school year. Thank You Claudia for your friendship and your willingness to assist. It wasn't one of the most enjoyable tasks but it was a huge task and she took it on and did a GREAT job. Make it a WONDERFUL new school year in your new exciting role at Sandburg.

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Shout out to Justin Kearney!! Mr. K we’ve seen you be there for kids in joy and sorrow and parties and crises. Thank you. Your big heart has helped make a safe space for so many Ali’s kids!

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Shout Out to Patrick Doty! Your professionalism and leadership style are a strong reminder of what our district can accomplish when our scholars are at the forefront of decision making. Thank you for taking the time to support staff, be a listening partner and recognize the importance a growth mindset. Zoe

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Justin Kearney-Allis Elementary What I really need here is a picture. For even a thousand words, can not portray the visuals that run through my head as I "see" the halls of Frank Allis. The thousands of children that were touched by the ever presence of Justin Kearney. Every child needs to know they matter, that someone has their back. Justin is that person to so many past and present Allis scholars. They know not only because he told them, words arent really his way, but they know because he showed them by his presence at school, on the bus, in their neighborhood, at their ball games, at their homes. SEE the picture....for it is a beautiful example of love for others. Thank you, Justin!

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A HUGE shoutout to Mr. K at Frank Allis. We love you, we miss you, and we appreciate everything you do for our students, families and staff!!! You show us all what it means to balance high expectations while loving them through it. Your students know when they are with you, they are safe, welcomed and loved. THANK YOU for all you have given us!!!

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Justin Kearney - You are phenomenal! I have seen your brilliance at Allis every day. Your dedication to the students and families at Allis is unmatched. Allis will never be the same without you. Your absence is a tremendous loss for the whole Allis Community. Wishing you nothing but the best!

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Justin Kearney- Allis For your dedication to the staff, students, families and community at Allis! You truly go above and beyond to ensure every student feels heard and safe at school. Thank you for all that you do!!