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Shout outs are posted to the shout out page and emailed to the recipient(s). Questions or comments can be emailed to

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Shouting out to the Van Hise 4th and 5th Grade Teams for their hard work growing learners first semester! Your efforts are awesome~ Sharon Jimenez, Erica Koval, Sally Ludwig, Heather Drenk, Katie Mahr, John Christopherson, Kristi Betzwieser, Christie Ashmore

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Principal Wallace, Randall Elementary: You are a big smile, a warm heart, pure kindness given out to everyone unconditionally. The love and encouragement that you show to every single student and teaching in your care is inspiring, supporting each in their learning and development or in their teaching role. You are an incredible leader, and we are so lucky to have you as the principal of Randall and as a community leader. Thank you, Mr. Wallace for believing in your students and staff, spreading your good cheer, and passing on your contagious smile! <3 Julia

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Tina Godfrey, Randall Elementary! Thank you for being a kind, caring, loving teacher who keeps her students laughing while learning! The day is never dull in your classroom, as you fill it with stories, ideas, and imagination. You are awesome and adored! - The Billinghams

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Thank you to Tony Zappia at West for being one of the only things that makes my Senior want to get out of bed to go to school. She will miss not seeing you each day next semester. Thanks for being the spark!

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Thank you to the Van Hise Elementary staff office for the great follow through on my questions and concerns when calling out a sick child or leaving for an appointment. I know you all are busy...but you always take the time!

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Instructional coach Anne Marie Streeter Thank you Ms. Streeter for covering Ms. Navin's class. Having the opportunity to have teacher with strong bonds with the children this week has been a so helpful. We appreciate you and everyone who has stepped up in our school community to help Ms. Navin and her family.

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Thank you, Ms. Wickizer and Mr. Sloan at Hamilton Middle School, for your commitment and care in supporting your students’ learning and social-emotional wellbeing during this very difficult time. Our child is thriving - and a big reason for that is you! We hope you are getting the support and appreciation you need and deserve. Sending you well wishes to stay healthy and safe. Much Gratitude, Lisa Baker & Sam Munger (and Tea!)

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Thank you, Ms. Vyas at Randall Elementary, for your dedication for supporting our kids learning and social-emotional needs during the very difficult time. We hope that your feel supported and appreciated for all that you do and stay healthy and safe. Much Gratitude, Lisa and Sam Munger (and Maya!)