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Madison Metropolitan School District


Shout outs are posted to the shout out page and emailed to the recipient(s). Questions or comments can be emailed to

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Kyle Luedtke in Tech Services Thank you for going above and beyond in your tech support in setting up my workstation in BPA. Your expertise and extra attention is greatly appreciated! Thanks for the wonderful support.

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I'd like to shout out my counselor Lianne Hoffman for being readily available to provide great help whenever you need something! It's made my high school experience a lot smoother and less stressful in many areas! - Ari R.

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Staci Jansen in Tech Services Major kudos to Staci for her support helping schools purchase new technology for their sites. Staci is super supportive and makes the process a breeze. Thanks so much Staci!

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Haley G. & the girls in BPA Thank you for supporting TS with ongoing vendor communication, invoice processing and check runs. Not to mention E-rate billing! Haley, you and your team are so great - thank you!

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Chris in Purchasing Thank you for helping with the quick turnaround on our PO#s for Board Consents. It was nerve-racking but with everyone's help we did it - thank you!

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Mankah in Legal - Tech Services thanks you for reviewing all the quotes and contracts we send your way. We can't get these big projects done without your oversight. You rock!

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Natalie in BPA - thank you for the support and guidance around the TS contracts for January Board Consents. It was a stressful process due to the vendors' requirements, but made it easier. We appreciate you!

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Peggy in Contracts was an absolute doll helping Tech Services with an extremely tight deadline. We would be lost without your help!