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Madison Metropolitan School District


Shout outs are posted to the shout out page and emailed to the recipient(s). Questions or comments can be emailed to

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I am completely blown away by the grace, kindness and dedication of all the Olson Elementary school staff. It takes a true village to educate these kids, and during a pandemic it must take many, many hands. I am in awe of the countless hours you have all spent to make these first few days so welcoming for new parents. I want to thank all so much for going the extra mile each and every time. You are helping us set the bar high!

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HUGE shoutout to Judy Christensen at La Follette. She has been an amazing support for the past three years. She always answers questions, is gracious in her responses, and truly shows her care and compassion for students and families. Thank you so much, Ms. Christensen! We couldn't do it without you.

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Shoutout to Rebecca Greco at Allis! Thank you for leading some of our Race and Equity learning at Welcome Back! We are also super thankful for your leadership around technology and your flexibility with Library and REACH- We appreciate you!

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Thank you to Tim Peterson! One can easily become lost in all of the data to be analyzed at the school level but Tim is always so patient and responsive to all of our questions! We are grateful for his guidance.

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Many thank you's to Culleen Witthuhn! Whenever I have a question or am in need of support for 4K she is so responsive. Early learning is such a critical component of our school programming and I am grateful her leadership.

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I want to send a big shout out to Deb Owan in the Enrollment Office. She is always so patient, thoughtful, and responsive. It is so greatly appreciated!!