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Capital High Construction is Springing Forward!

Capital High Construction is Springing Forward!

Spring is finally here and construction at Capital High School is inching closer to completion every day! Inside the building, classrooms and offices are starting to take shape.

On the first floor, bathroom fixtures are being installed and ceiling grid is going up. Acoustical panels have been installed in the gym and epoxy flooring is beginning in the culinary space. On lower level one, bathroom accessories are being installed and new sprinkler heads are going in above the ceiling. On lower level two, cabinetry and flooring is being installed, as well as mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire (MEPF) finishes.

Outside the building, windows are being installed and the exterior masonry walls outside of lower level two have been completed.

Upcoming construction activities

  • Continuing installation of cabinetry and doors
  • Installing additional MEPF finishes
  • Installing carpet and epoxy flooring
  • Setting ceiling tiles on the lower levels
  • Replacing the exterior water line