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Madison Metropolitan School District

Capital High School's Exciting Finish Draws Near!

Capital High School's Exciting Finish Draws Near!

July is in full swing, and the inside of the building is coming along great, with finishes going in on all levels. The culinary space has kitchen equipment being installed, including the exhaust hoods and stainless-steel tops. The gym floor and basketball hoops are now complete, and the lines have been painted on the court. Mechanical and electrical systems are beginning their start up processes with the new air handling units and unit ventilators. The exterior overhang has been framed with steel studs and will be tied into the new roof in the coming days.

Site work is ongoing with much progress in the last few weeks. New sidewalk around the building is starting to be poured, along with the new curb in the parking lot. Site grading has been started in the front of the building in preparation for new landscaping.

Upcoming construction activities:

  • Installing window shades
  • Installing the elevator
  • Laying asphalt and parking lot striping
  • Ongoing landscaping and sidewalks

DID YOU KNOW? The new gym will have finished maple hardwood flooring, which is commonly used in indoor courts because of its high hardness rating, superior shock resistance, aesthetically pleasing appearance, and wide availability.


Classroom under construction

Classrooms for the SAIL program are undergoing the installation of finishes.


An empty updated classroom

The future nurse’s space including new LVT flooring, ceilings, windows, and cabinets.


Culinary room under construction

Culinary room exhaust hoods are in, and the teaching station is almost complete.


New exterior soffits have been framed

The new exterior soffits have been framed and will be sheeted and finished with a fiber cement board product.