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Madison Metropolitan School District

Construction has begun!

Construction has begun!
We are committed to keeping you informed as we complete construction from the MMSD 2020 facilities referendum.

Construction has begun!

The District’s construction manager, Findorff, has begun preparing for the first phase of construction work at East High School.

Construction crews are working diligently to get ready for a busy summer ahead. On the exterior, excavation crews established the site storage area for construction equipment and trailers. Workers have also started creating temporary access openings for the first phase of classroom renovations on the second and third floors.

Inside the building, temporary walls were built around construction areas to maintain student and staff safety during construction activities.

East Supply Yard For Construction

Construction trailers and equipment storage containers are on site at East High School


What’s happening inside the school?

  • Removingceilingtilesinclassroomsandhallwaysto prepare for the first phase of renovations

  • Startingworkfornewmechanical,electrical, plumbing, and fire suppression systems

  • Preparing to install new, more energy efficient boiler equipment, which will improve the School’s heating systems

Access Holes for Construction

Construction crews are creating temporary access openings for the first phase of classroom renovations on the second and third floors


For additional information or questions, visit the MMSD construction page.

Did you know?

East High School is celebrating its centennial anniversary this year! Findorff is proud to have a long-standing history of construction work at East High School, dating back to the 1920’s, and is excited to return to the School for the latest construction updates to this historic facility as part of the 2020 Facilities Referendum.

Temporary Walls in the Courtyard

Temporary walls around the courtyard area ensure safety for students and staff during construction

East Construction New Boiler Pad

Preparing space for new boiler equipment to be installed

East Construction Render

Architectural rendering of the new south entry expansion, and cafeteria and classroom additions

1932 East High Construcion Photo

Historic photo of construction work at East High School on the corner of East Washington Avenue and 5th Street