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Madison Metropolitan School District

Construction is happening!

Construction is happening!
We are committed to keeping you informed as we complete construction from the MMSD 2020 facilities referendum.

Construction is happening!

The District’s construction manager, Findorff, started the first phase of construction at La Follette High School.

There’s quite a bit of activity happening outside the building. The soil onsite is being prepped for the School’s new athletic addition, where excavation will start after Memorial Day.

Construction crews have been working onsite after hours to avoid school traffic during the day. This helps limit disruptions to school activities and ensures safety for students and staff. Demolition has started with the removal of ceiling tiles and existing piping.

Construction ready to begin at La Follette

Preparing the site of the new athletic addition for excavation after Memorial Day


Construction crews are working hard after hours

  • Removing ceiling tiles through halls and classrooms

  • Starting new mechanical, electrical, fire protection, and plumbing piping

  • Removing two of the four boilers and prepping for new, more energy efficient equipment to be installed, which will improve the School’s water heating system

Boiler pipes at La Follette

Concrete is cut and new pipes are installed in the boiler room


For additional information or questions, visit the MMSD construction page.

Did you know?

One inch of rain can penetrate the soil between 6-15 inches deep and can take up to three days for the ground to completely dry.

Removing bleechers at La Follette

Removing exterior stadium bleachers in preparation for construction this summer

Construction trailers and equpiment on site

Construction trailers are on site and gravel is laid to prepare the site for construction activities

Architectural rendering of the new main entrance at La Follette

Architectural rendering of the new main entrance at La Follette High School