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Madison Metropolitan School District

School is Almost Out!

School is Almost Out!

Students and the construction crew are counting down the days until summer break, as there are lots of exciting improvements that will happen inside and out this summer!

Crews have recently taken over the existing spectator gym, wrestling room, and pool locker rooms for demolition. The new block walls in the locker room space are taking shape. Once school is out, crews will begin work in the cafeteria and student services area. Work will also be starting on the new music wing, the art area, and the Summit Credit Union at the end of June.

Updates on Current and Upcoming Work

  • Complete the new health sciences, fashion and interior design, childcare, and kitchen/life skills classrooms
  • Ongoing exterior wall framing in the new addition
  • Installing concrete block walls in the new locker rooms
  • Ongoing demolition in the new spectator gym

DID YOU KNOW? Polished concrete flooring is extremely strong, resilient, and can withstand the pressure from very heavy foot traffic and equipment. It is often chosen in schools because of its high durability.

New area by the G offices addition

Concrete has been poured and the roof structure is being installed for the new area G offices addition.


Construction of the new entry vestibule is underway.

Construction of the new entry vestibule is underway.


Polished concrete floors

Polished concrete floors are complete in the new lobby/concessions area.


Demolition of the pool locker room

Demolition of the pool locker room is complete, and construction will begin soon.