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Madison Metropolitan School District

Auditorium demolition is underway

Auditorium demolition is underway

As construction shifts focus from completion of building additions over the past 8-10 months, the next challenge is just getting underway: renovation of the auditorium. Demolition began two weeks ago, and the space will be under construction until early fall of 2023. The main areas of focus are improved ADA access, new seats, and a revised ceiling design with exposed structure and suspended drywall ceiling clouds. Lighting and audio-visual systems will also be upgraded.

At other areas of the building, the school store / credit union space has been framed out and will be ready for drywall next week. Concrete slab demolition, plumbing, and concrete pour backs are ongoing in the locker rooms. The digital arts wing is also now under construction, with move out and demolition currently wrapping up.

Upcoming construction activity

  • Completing mass demolition in the auditorium
  • Installing electrical, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), and acoustical treatment in the auditorium
  • Drywalling, taping, and painting the credit union / school store
  • Installing masonry walls and plumbing in the locker room showers, and painting and ceilings in the locker rooms
  • Pouring concrete slab and framing steel stud walls in the
  • digital arts area
  • Starting move-out of second-floor athletic areas in early May

DID YOU KNOW? As part of this project, the slope of the auditorium floor is being modified to accommodate several upgrades. An ADA path will be added to the front of the stage, as well as an access lift off the stage. Seating is being reconfigured, with stepped seating in the back and a flatter floor slope at the front of the auditorium.



Above-ceiling ducts in new summit store at Memorial

Above-ceiling ducts are installed, and walls are framed in the future Summit Credit Union / school store.


Unique geometric wall covering

The finishing touches have been put on the arts and technical education area, including this unique wall covering.


New dust collector outside the new woods / construction lab

Recently, the school was trained on the use of the new dust collector (left side of photo) outside the new woods / construction lab.


Construction of digital arts area addition.

Work has just begun in the digital arts area, which will be divided into three large classrooms and smaller production rooms that will be framed to shape this area by next month.


Existing laundry room at Memorial

The existing laundry room has recently received fire protection piping as part of the locker room area renovations.