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Madison Metropolitan School District

Completed Construction in the New Commons Area

Completed Construction in the New Commons Area

Inside Memorial High School, the new commons space is complete. This new space features four levels, two social stairs, a combination of pendant and ring light fixtures, acoustic wall panels to dampen sound, and a polished concrete floor.

Outside, work continues on the new concessions buildings and locker room expansion. Concrete will be poured soon for the new stairs and ramps to provide easy access to the stadium from the parking lot. The exterior brick and cast stone on the concessions buildings will be wrapped up in the next couple of weeks. The mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection (MEPF) systems are currently being installed above the ceiling of the new concessions buildings. In the locker rooms, taping and painting are ongoing and new flooring will be installed later this month.

Upcoming construction activity

  • Beginning work on the pool and its locker rooms at the end of February
  • Installing flooring in the locker rooms
  • Continuing MEPF work in the concessions buildings
  • Installing kitchen equipment in the concessions buildings
  • Completing site work around the stadium

In 2022, MMSD changed the name of James Madison Memorial High School to Vel Phillips Memorial High School. Vel Phillips was the first African American and first woman to be elected to Milwaukee’s Common Council before becoming a Children’s Court Judge in 1971. In 1979 she became Wisconsin’s Secretary of State.

common space with handicap-accessible ramp and stairs

The new commons space has four tiers that are connected by handicap-accessible ramps and stairs. In the picture above, Valentine’s Day hearts can be seen around the school.

A group of people in safety vests standing under a roof

The first part of the exterior concrete was poured in the plaza area.

A building under construction with yellow tape

On the south concessions building, the exterior brick and cast stone are complete, and the concrete stoop has been poured.

A person with a safety vest standing outside of a construction site

On the exterior of the existing locker room, new framing is being installed around the top of masonry walls in preparation for metal panels.

A bathroom under construction with a green ceiling

Inside the locker rooms, the masonry walls for the shower stalls are complete, and the framing is wrapping up.