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Construction Crews Wrap up Phase 3 of Renovations

Construction Crews Wrap up Phase 3 of Renovations

As the school year heads toward its completion, so do the areas under construction in Phase 3 of Memorial High School’s renovations. The School Store/Credit Union space is ready for paint and ceilings. Flooring & finishes are on the horizon in the locker room areas, and wall framing and painting are soon to begin at the digital arts rooms.

Meanwhile, at the Auditorium, demolition is complete and electrical and fire protection work is underway above ceiling. Next in the Auditorium is painting of exposed structure, ductwork, and electrical conduits, followed by acoustical ceiling “clouds” (suspended drywall elements) as the Auditorium starts to take shape.

Finally, the second floor weight room, dance studio, and small gym have been cleared out so renovations can take place a few weeks ahead of summer.

Upcoming construction activity

  • Installing ceiling clouds & walls at the auditorium
  • Flooring & final finishes at the Credit Union / School Store
  • Ceilings, flooring, and final accessories at the Locker Rooms
  • Taping & painting at the digital arts areas
  • Painting & flooring at the digital arts areas
  • Demolition and MEP hook ups at the upper weight room,
  • Dance Studio, and Small Gym
  • Bathroom demolition at “B” Wing (starts 5/22/23)