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Madison Metropolitan School District

Get ready for arts and technical education

Get ready for arts and technical education

The arts and technical education remodel and additions are nearly ready for students and staff. The arts addition includes four new classrooms, restrooms, and an elevator. The technical education area includes a new woods and construction lab, construction and auto classrooms, and renovations to the existing auto lab. The technical education space is also now connected to the existing building. This area is the second of three additions to the school.

Other interior renovations are also underway. Demolition is complete in the credit union and school store adjacent to the commons, and wall framing will start soon. Demolition is underway in the second phase of locker rooms near the fieldhouse. Once the arts department moves from their current location into their new space, demolition will start in that wing of the building as well.

Upcoming construction activity

  • Finishing painting and installing glass and doors in the technical education addition
  • Pouring concrete slab and framing walls in the credit union
  • Cutting concrete slab, installing underground plumbing, and putting up masonry walls in the locker rooms
  • Putting up temporary barriers prior to starting construction in the future the digital arts space

DID YOU KNOW? In the arts and technical education spaces, the finished flooring is primarily made up of polished or sealed concrete. These finish options are durable, cleanable, and require less annual maintenance than other floor finishes.

Welding booths in new addition

Welding booths are a new addition to the existing technical education space, where crews are putting the final touches on this space and equipment will soon be moved in.


A new classroom, complete with cord reels

In the arts addition, a new classroom, complete with cord reels, storage, and durable epoxy countertops, is ready for furniture.


New family and community pool locker room

Work is underway in the new family and community pool locker room, where the existing walls and flooring have been removed and underground plumbing will be installed soon.


Future varsity team locker room

Walls and flooring have been removed in the future varsity team locker room.


The construction and woods lab

The construction and woods lab equipment is now in place and duct work is complete for the new dust collection system as the final touches are put on the space.