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Locker Rooms and Concessions are Coming Soon! 

Locker Rooms and Concessions are Coming Soon! 

The new and improved Mansfield Stadium will include refurbished locker rooms, bathrooms, and two new concessions stands. There will also be new fencing, concrete, and asphalt around the site. The epoxy flooring was recently completed, and new toilet fixtures and partitions were installed. Roofing is wrapping up and coiling doors for the concessions and ticket booths have been installed.

Inside the school, work is ongoing in three main areas: the pool, the future weight room, and the pool locker rooms. All the old tile around the pool is being demoed and new pool equipment is being installed. In the new weight room, walls and ceilings are also being demoed. In the pool locker rooms, the concrete floor is being cut to run new underground plumbing. Concrete masonry unit (CMU) walls are starting to go up to create the new locker room spaces.

Upcoming construction activity

  • Installing kitchen equipment in the stadium concessions spaces
  • Doing site work and fencing in the stadium area
  • Installing pool equipment and underground plumbing in the pool locker rooms
  • Starting demolition on the south side of the library media center (LMC)

Did you know? The refurbished locker rooms at Mansfield Stadium will have 10 individual shower stalls – five in each half. In addition, each locker room will have five toilet stalls separate from the public bathrooms to the west. The spaces also have new epoxy flooring and locker benches.


Empty room with gray floors and white walls

The Mansfield Stadium concessions spaces are nearly complete


Empty room

Work in the stadium locker rooms is wrapping up


Large space under construction with moving carts and construction materials

This large open space will become locker rooms, bathrooms, and changing rooms


Room under construction with construction equipment and moving carts

Demolition of the future weight training room is well underway


stadium under construction

Sitework, roofing, fencing, and kitchen equipment will soon be installed to round out the Mansfield Stadium renovations