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Madison Metropolitan School District

Preparing for Artificial Turf

Preparing for Artificial Turf

Work is well underway in many areas of the school, but one milestone to highlight is the commencement of artificial turf installation at Mansfield Stadium. The old grass field has been removed, the field drainage system is in place, and throughout the back half of July, turf will be installed in preparation for the first game of the fall season on August 18th. New bench seats will also go in place at the grandstands this month.

Demolition work inside the school is nearing completion for the summer, allowing for new finishes to follow at classrooms and bathrooms. Work on a new 2 nd floor hallway connecting the dance studio / weight room to the small gym is also now underway. An elevator will be added there for access as well.

At the Auditorium, ceiling work is nearly complete, and the focus will soon shift to completing the slabs and steps for seating.

Upcoming construction activity:

  • Installing turf at Mansfield Stadium
  • Polishing concrete floor corridors and science classrooms
  • Painting and wall finishes at the auditorium
  • Framing, drywall, and painting throughout classrooms
  • Tiling wall & floors in bathrooms and commons areas

DID YOU KNOW? When students return this fall, they’ll notice that one of the outdoor courtyards is being converted into new interior commons space. Infilling this hard-to-access space is a challenge and will require contractors to move concrete, soil, and other materials with a crane over the existing building or through the main entrance area. This area will be completed by the beginning of the spring 2024 semester.


Final layer of the drainage stone below the artificial turf

Earthwork equipment places the final layer of the drainage stone below the artificial turf.


Bathroom renovations are underway

Bathroom renovations are underway in the school’s B Wing.


Existing concrete floors at corridors have received their final polished

Existing concrete floors at corridors have received their final polished concrete finish at various locations.


New walls are being framed