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Summer Construction Phases Push Forward

Summer Construction Phases Push Forward

Demolition work is complete in classrooms and common spaces at Memorial High School. Interior finishes including paint, ceiling grid, and casework will be the focus of the remaining summer work. On the second-floor hallway addition, roofing is in progress, and the interior drywall and exterior metal panels will follow. The digital arts classrooms have been cleaned and furniture will be assembled early this month.

The new commons (formerly the west exterior courtyard) is underway as well. Steel support beams and the roof deck are welded in place to provide an exterior structure for the
new space. The concrete stairs, ramps, and floors will go in next.

In the auditorium, the ceiling clouds and walls have been painted. Crews continue pouring the concrete steps, and seating and other finishes will follow next month.

Upcoming construction activity

  • Moving furniture into completed areas
  • Framing and drywalling the second-floor hallway
  • Installing new classroom signage and wall coverings
  • Laying asphalt and landscaping at Mansfield Stadium

Did you know?: Installing the new elevator for the weight room and dance studio access required a process called underpinning. Underpinning is essential when new building foundations need to be installed below adjacent existing building foundations. The process involves digging small areas out below existing foundations and filling them back with concrete and reinforcing. This process allows for new deeper foundations during building renovations and additions.

Courtyard overhang at Memorial High School.

The steel support beams and roof decking have been installed in the west courtyard.

New classroom at Memorial High School

The art classrooms (2D Drawing, Digital Arts, and Digital Photography) have been renovated and are ready for new furniture.

New green screen paint in video classroom.

The green screen paint is complete in the two new video production studios.

Renovated hallway at Memorial High School.

In the new second-floor hallway, framing on the exterior walls is complete and metal panels will be installed soon.