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Madison Metropolitan School District

The Summer Push Starts Now!

The Summer Push Starts Now!

As of Memorial Day weekend, all school-related activities are now complete at Mansfield Stadium, which allows our site contractors to begin their big push to transform the grass field into a new artificial turf field. Work at Mansfield also includes grandstand work to add ADA seating areas and replace the bench seating. By next track and field season, there will also be a new track surface in place.

Work inside the school continues as well. The Digital Arts, School Store / Credit Union, and Locker Rooms will be completed in the first few weeks of summer. Starting next week, science classrooms, language classrooms, multiple bathrooms, and the cafeteria / commons spaces all will undergo improvements that will be ready for next fall.

Finally, work continues at the auditorium. Ceiling paint and drywall clouds are currently the focus, along with stage rigging repairs and electrical and audio/visual work.

Upcoming construction activity

  • Excavating underground utilities / drainage pipe at Mansfield Stadium
  • Installing ceilings and flooring in the digital arts classrooms
  • Pouring slabs and wall framing / drywall inside the auditorium
  • Demolishing wall, electrical, and HVAC at science & language classrooms

DID YOU KNOW? In preparation for the Mansfield Stadium renovation, over 95,000 square feet of topsoil needs to be removed to allow the field to be compacted. It will take nearly 300 dump trucks to remove all the soil from the site. After the topsoil is removed, the remaining soil will be prepared for the new field.


Digital arts area with ceiling grid

Painting started this week in the digital arts area with ceiling grid in select rooms to follow.


Bleachers have been removed from Mansfield Stadium

Bleachers have been removed from Mansfield Stadium and sections of the concrete grandstands are being removed.


Topsoil being removed from Mansfield Stadium

Topsoil is being removed from Mansfield Stadium and the remaining soil will be prepared for the new field.


Ceiling paint is complete in the auditorium

Ceiling paint is complete in the auditorium and ceiling clouds are being installed. Concrete will be poured in the next few weeks.


Summit Credit Union and school store

The Summit Credit Union and school store areas are on track to be completed in the next few weeks and be occupied by staff next fall.