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Madison Metropolitan School District

Two more areas reach completion!

Two more areas reach completion!

Two more areas of construction are now complete – the new band, choir, orchestra, and practice rooms, and a group of renovated locker rooms and bathrooms south of the fieldhouse. The music addition includes large rooms, high ceilings, and big windows to let in plenty of natural light. The locker rooms have a new durable epoxy floor, some new lockers, and updated bathroom facilities.

The visual arts and technical education rooms are also nearing completion. Paint, flooring finishes, ceilings, and final fixtures are going in place. The new elevator has been installed, and soon new equipment will arrive for the technical education area. Finally, the new locations of the school store and the Summit Credit Union branch are in the early stages of demolition, as crews prepare to transform these spaces for the fall of 2023.

Upcoming construction activity

  • Finishing flooring and installing overhead garage doors in the technical education areas
  • Installing cabinets and countertops in the arts classrooms
  • Starting floor demolition and cutting the concrete slab for electrical work in the school store and credit union
  • Putting up temporary partitions for the next phases of locker rooms and coaching/physical education offices

DID YOU KNOW? The technical education and arts additions on the west side of the school include provisions for a wide range of tools and equipment. The technical education area features a large router table, welding booths, and a gated exterior storage area. The arts area includes designated kiln rooms for both clay and metals projects and a variety of metal and glass-forming equipment.


The new choir room in the music addition

The new choir room in the music addition is complete with music storage cabinets, sound diffusing wall and ceiling panels, and plenty of natural light from west facing windows.


Locker rooms are complete

Locker rooms are complete with new flooring, ceiling, lights, and additional lockers.


Demolition has started in the boiler room

Demolition has started in the boiler room, and new heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) and plumbing equipment will be installed this summer.


The ceramics classroom

The ceramics classroom is painted, floors have been polished and sealed, and cabinets and countertops will arrive later this month.


The new construction and woods lab

The new construction and woods lab will be ready for equipment move-in once the painting is finished, and a large garage door will be installed in the opening in the wall to allow project materials to be easily delivered to this space.