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Madison Metropolitan School District

Construction is underway!

Construction is underway!
We are committed to keeping you informed as we complete construction from the MMSD 2020 facilities referendum.

Construction is underway!

Findorff, the District’s construction manager, has started the first phase of construction at West High School.

Outside the building, large piles of rocks and dirt were temporarily placed on the School’s football field. The rocks were crushed to create a solid layer of gravel as a base for construction activities.

Inside the building, temporary walls separate construction spaces from school activities to ensure student and staff safety and limit disruptions during construction activities.

Referendum Construction Rendering Enterance

Architectural rendering of West High School’s entrance.


What’s happening behind the temporary walls?

  • Relocating and converting the old gym and library spaces into multiple classrooms and student-focused instructional spaces

  • Installing ductwork and pipes in the old gym and library spaces to improve the building’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems

Construction doors with warning signs

Temporary walls outside the library space ensure safety for students and staff during construction.


For additional information or questions, visit the MMSD construction page.

Did you know?

The rocks that are used to create gravel are recycled from material on this site and from neighboring sites in the area. This helps decrease the use of new rocks and gravel needed for construction activities.

Demolished old locker room

The old gym locker rooms were demolished to make room for new classrooms and instructional spaces.

Library space under construction

In the library space, construction workers are installing new ductwork for the building’s air conditioning.

Piles of rocks for construction

Piles of rocks and dirt placed on the football field are crushed to create gravel for construction activities.