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Madison Metropolitan School District

State Report Cards

What are State Report Cards?

The DPI state report cards are part of the state’s accountability system and are released each fall. They are based on last year’s data in four major measures - achievement, closing gaps, growth and keeping students on track.

The state report cards offer us the opportunity to reflect, calibrate with other data points that we use as a district, and celebrate our progress.

We believe that accountability is important and we work to be transparent about our results. The state’s report cards are one of many data points we consider. As a district, we have exciting momentum and exciting progress which you can read about in our annual report.

We also publish individual school profiles with data for every school in our district. We also monitor current, actionable data throughout the year and use for daily decision making in the classroom.
We’ll continue to monitor our progress along the way this year, and update you and continue to ask for your partnership in supporting your child.

For more information on the report cards or to download report cards, visit the Wisconsin DPI Report Card website.