Monday, November 13, 2017 - 12:15pm

The first 3 videos focus on an introduction to the new AL Plan and provide a focused look at how we are working to better identify students from underrepresented student groups.

In-person professional development was provided to principals and advanced learning specialists (ALS) in October, 2017. Further school-based professional learning opportunities have been, or will be, provided by ALS at school specific sites as well.

If you have follow up questions from the school-based PD, or would like to preview the information please review the links. These videos are being provided to all staff with the expectations and hope that they help further a deeper understanding of Advanced Learning.

Please reach out to your ALS or the AL Department with any questions or feedback.

Please view the following 3 Advanced Learning (AL) Videos:

•       Staff Training Module 1: 2017-2018 AL Plan Overview

o      Describes the main areas of the new plan and the focus on equitable identification

•       Staff Training Module 2: Equitable Identification

o      Describes how students are considered for potential AL needs

•       Staff Training Module 3: Consideration Roster
o      An inside look at how the ALS works with schools to use the Consideration Roster

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