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Classroom Action Research

"Action research is the process through which teachers collaborate in evaluating their practice jointly; raise awareness of their personal theory; articulate a shared conception of values; try out new strategies to render the values expressed in their practice more consistent with the educational values they espouse; record their work in a form which is readily available to and understandable by other teachers; and thus develop a shared theory of teaching by researching practice." - John Elliott

Classroom Action Research (CAR) Abstracts and Selected Papers

Alphabetically by lead author's last name


Getting Started

Starting Points

Guidelines for Developing a Question

Guidelines for Data Collection

Data Collection: 5 W's and an H

Techniques for Gathering Your Data

Writing Prompts for Classroom Action Researchers

Analysis of the Data and Final Steps

Guidelines for Analyzing Your Data

Process for Analyzing Your Data

Ideas for Your Final Write-up

Impact of Action Research: Final Report to the Spencer Foundation


Additional Resources

Role of Participants in a Group

CAR and Special Education

Creating Equitable Classrooms Information (PDF)