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Madison Metropolitan School District

Key Reports for the Forward Exam

This page is designed to provide those who support data use in buildings with the resources needed to find data quickly allowing more time for analysis and planning. Forward Exam data/reports can be found on several data sites. Please make sure that you are looking at the correct site for each of the following.

Key Reports from eDirect

A short document on each report and how to generate it on eDirect, the Forward Exam site. You ability to access this depends on your site permissions.

  • Student Roster Report: Shows content results by grade level, content area scale scores, and standard strand proficiency (i.e. ELA Reading: Vocabulary Use). Shows individual student data.

  • Summary by Subject Report: Shows grade level view of tested subject proficiency levels, and demographic data. Individual student data is NOT available in this report.

  • Summary by Reporting Category Report: Shows reporting categories (proficiency levels) by grade, demographic, and content strand. Individual student data is NOT available in this report.

"How To" Video clips:

Video clip example

Short video clips describing how to find reports

  • Student Roster Report

  • Summary by Subject Report
  • Summary by Reporting Category Report