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Madison Metropolitan School District

MMSD Approved Diagnostic Assessments

Below you will find the list of approved diagnostic assessments for use in the Madison Metropolitan School District. These assessments are current, have established professional development within the district, and provide the breadth of coverage that is required for use within the district. These tests should only be given by qualified, licensed professionals.

Staff may also use other non-standardized tests / measures, as part of their assessment of a student, e.g. systematic observations, parent interviews, and other components of a comprehensive evaluation. Please contact your PST / Lead for Psych / SW, S/L, or OT/PT for more information.

Work is underway to add guidance around the use of gender norms for transgender and gender diverse students.

Diagnostic Test Review forms

Staff: if you wish to have a different diagnostic tool added to the list of approved assessments, please go through the process listed on this page.

To Request Tests, Forms or Materials:

Academic Achievement:

Approved Academic Diagnostic List

Adaptive Behavior:

Approved Adaptive List


Approved Academic Diagnostic List

Early Childhood:

Approved Early Childhood List

Speech and Language:

Approved SL Diagnostic List

Behavior Rating:

Approved Behavior Rating Scales List


Approved Cognitive List

Fine, Gross & Sensory Motor:

Approved Motor Rating Scales List

Universal Social Emotional Screeners:

Approved Behavior Rating Scales List

Spanish Academic and Cognitive:

Approved Spanish Diagnostic List