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Madison Metropolitan School District

District Screener Information for Families

Screening tools, or assessments, are used as a "quick check" to determine if there is a need to look more closely to see if a student is struggling with things. One possible result of a screening assessment is that a more thorough, diagnostic assessment tool would be used to determine if there is, indeed, any specific support or strategy needed. Screening tools are not designed to be diagnostic -- their purpose is to alert the teacher that a closer look may be needed or that a specific program (English Learner supports) may be recommended.

WIDA Screener:

In order to determine is a student is eligible to receive English Learner supports/programming, the WIDA Screener is used. This is given only once, upon initial enrollment in the district. The decision to give the WIDA Screener comes from responses from the Home Language Survey to decide

Other Screeners: