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Madison Metropolitan School District

CogAT Screener Information for Families

Below you will find information to help you understand what the CogAT Screener is and what it is used for/not used for by MMSD.

Brief Description:

Learn more about the CogAT test in the following document:

CogAT Screener  brief description

Accommodations and Supports:

CogAT English Learner Decisions

Gr 2 ELL supports

EL supports: Gr 2 (pdf)

CogAT Appropriate Accommodations for Students with Disabilities/504 plans

Gr 2 CogAT SwD accommodations

Accommodations: Gr 2 (pdf)

Family Letters:

Letters from families regarding CogAT Screener virtual testing:

Family letter regarding testing at home
  • For families; computer-based testing at home: English, Arabic (PDF)

  • For Spanish and Hmong versions, click on the links at the top of this page.

Problem Solving tips:

Information regarding some common issues and their possible solution.

CogAT Screener Problem Solving and Issue Resolution page.


Wondering about the CogAT results? Below is a short list of frequently asked questions:

CogAT Frequently asked questions