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FastBridge AUTOReading Information for Families

Below you will find information to help you understand what the FastBridge AUTOReading screener is, what it is used for, and how to support your student.

AUTOReading icon

Family Letters:

Letters for families regarding AUTOReading virtual testing:

Family letter regarding testing at home

How to login to AUTOReading for Students:

UPDATE: students must login using ClassLink. Once in FastBridge, click on the AUTOReading icon (as pictured above).

AUTOReading Accommodations and Supports:

For students with IEPs:

AUTOReading is a timed test; this cannot be changed. If a student's IEP calls for extended time, then a replacement screener (earlyReading) is appropriate. This change is difficult to accomplish during virtual learning; more time to schedule the screener may be required.

What is AUTOReading screener?

AUTOReading is a computer-based screener that is used in place of earlyReading (which is only given in a face-to-face learning environment). AUTOReading is used by teachers to screen all students and estimate annual growth with tri-annual assessments (fall, winter & spring). Students who progress at a typical pace through the reading curriculum meet the standards for expected performance at each point in the year. Students with deficit achievement can be identified in the fall of the academic year in order to provide supplemental, differentiated, or individualized instruction.

The profiles of students' strengths and weaknesses can provide useful information to plan instruction

AUTOReading Technical Problem Solving:

Information regarding some common issues and their possible solution.

FastBridge Problem Solving page for families.