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Grades K-5 aMath Information for Families

Below you will find information to help you understand what the FastBridge aMath screener is, what it is used for, and how to support your student.

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Family Letters:

Letters from families regarding FastBridge virtual testing:

Family letter regarding testing at home

How to login to aMath for Students:

UPDATE: students must login using ClassLink. Once in FastBridge, they will select the aMath icon (as seen above).

aMath Accommodations and Supports:

For students with IEPs:

aReading Accommodations

This document provides an overview of the accommodations available for both aReading and aMath.

What is the aMath screener?

Adaptive Math (aMath) is a computer adaptive measure of broad math that is individualized for each student. The type of questions and response format is substantially similar to many state-wide assessments (i.e., multiple choice, fill in the blank). There are both auditory and visual stimuli presented for each question.

aMath is simple and efficient procedure that is fully automated. Browser-based software (nothing to download) adapts and individualizes the assessment for each child. aMath adapts to individualize the assessment to the student's developmental level. The adaptive nature of the test makes it more efficient (6 to 15 min) and more precise that paper-and-pencil assessments.

The assessment is based the recommendations of the National Math Panel (2008) and National Common Core Standards (2010). Although the test is individualized for each student, typically developing kindergarten students receive items related to number and quantity identification. Typically developing students in fourth and fifth grades receive items related multi-step problem solving and advanced calculation.

aMath Technical Problem Solving:

Information regarding some common issues and their possible solution.

FastBridge Problem Solving page for families.