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Madison Metropolitan School District

Assessment Calendars for Schools

Below you will find the assessment calendars, broken down by Elementary, Middle, or High School level, for the 2020-21 academic year. These calendars represent tests that are given on a large scale, mandated by the State of Wisconsin or by the district. Classroom level tests are not included. Test windows indicate the entire time possible for a building to give a test. If there are questions about tests or windows, please contact Tim Peterson, Director of Assessment.

2021-22 Assessment Calendars

Elementary Calendar
  • Elementary Assessments Calendar, full calendar

Middle School Calendar
  • Middle School Assessments Calendar, full calendar

High School Calendar
  • High School Assessments Calendar, full calendar

Significant Religious Observances:

Significant Religious Observances

2020 - 2024 Religious Observances Calendar

Planning/Action Calendars:

2020-21 Planning/ Action Calendars for assessment planning and action at the school level. These are designed to help keep track of "all the moving parts" and are updated monthly.

Updates for 2021-22 will begin by September 1.