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Madison Metropolitan School District

AAPPL Family Information for High School Students

Below you will find information to help you understand what the AAPPL assessment is, what it is used for, and how to support your student. 

Brief Description of Assessment:

Learn more about the AAPPL assessment in the following document:

AAPPL Brief Description

Sample AAPPL report:

What information will students, families and teachers receive?

AAPPL Sample Student Report

Sample Student Report for the AAPPL test.

AAPPL Practice Tests:

The following link will take you directly to the AAPPL practice site for the areas tested in High School. Scroll to the bottom of the site to find the Spanish language samples.

Test Topics:

Each year, the topics of AAPPL test questions are announced. The topics for this year are in the document linked below. Students in grades 9-12 will be at a level B2 (Intermediate to Advanced Low).

AAPPL Test topics

Test topics vary by year and language level. Here are the test topics for 2020-21.

Discussion Points:

Wondering what questions to ask in a meeting or conference? Here are some starting points:

AAPPL Discussion Points

What do scores mean?

Learn what your score represents and how you can improve.

AAPPL Central -- resources:

  • The test creator has a website with a great deal of information. You can find it at AAPPL Central

Prior Letters/Communication to families:

  • High School letters for all grades in English, (pdf)

ELL/SwD Decisions:

Learn more about appropriate changes to support all learners:

AAPPL ELL Decision

MMSD's Seal of Biliteracy:

Seal of Biliteracy logo

Specific information regarding MMSD's Seal of Biliteracy.

MMSD's Global Education Achievement Certificate (GEAC):

Global Education Achievement Certificate logo

Specific information regarding Wisconsin's Global Education Achievement Certificate.

Language Proficiency Documents:

Specific information regarding what "proficient" means, performance descriptors, and other information.

AAPPL Proficiency Guide
AAPPL Performance descriptors
World Language Standards
  • World Language Standards for Learning Languages (pdf)