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Madison Metropolitan School District

ACT+Writing Family Information Update: January 2021

Updates on ACT+Writing testing.

National Testing (Saturdays)

National testing requires students to register prior to exams and pick specific dates. These tests, given on specific Saturdays, typically require a payment in order to participate.

During the pandemic while the district is in a virtual instructional environment, there will be no ACT tests given on the National test dates. When the district reopens, test dates will open up once again.

State Mandated Testing (Juniors Only)

The State of Wisconsin requires high school juniors to take the ACT+Writing exam as a part of the larger state assessment system. This test is paid for by the state and provides all students with an opportunity to have college-reportable ACT scores.

In the 2020-21 academic year, the test dates for giving this face-to-face test are Tuesday, March 9th, Tuesday, March 23rd, and Tuesday, April 13th.

As this is a required state test, the district will continue to plan to administer this juniors only ACT in the event that students return for face-to-face instruction. There is no virtual version of the ACT.