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Madison Metropolitan School District

AP Exam information for MMSD

Below you will find the current AP exam information for the Madison Metropolitan School District.

Advanced Placement Testing, Spring 2021

Updated on April 23, 2021

Testing app information

The College Board has released information regarding the app required for digital, at-home testing. This includes specific information about what types of computers are acceptable for the digital, at-home test. Go to the College Board website for information.

2021 AP Exam App Overview

For MMSD managed devices, here is important information for digital testing and using the 2021 Digital AP Exam app.

Specific Exam Information, A - L

Below you will find information sheets for each exam (A - L)

Student exam organizer:

2021 AP Exam Organizer

An organizer to help in keeping track of exams, times, locations and format is provided for students here. (PDF)

Support for Digital Exams:

Here are links to connect you with College Board resources regarding the Digital, at-home test for 2021.

  • Four Steps to Taking the Digital exam

  • Download the app only if you are using a personal device, not an MMSD managed Chromebook.

  • College Board Google Slides to help out.

Exam overview:

This Google Sheet will provide you with an overview of the primary test dates and times for the 2021 AP exams.


Exam overview:

Students must be aware of the updated Terms and Conditions. The College Board will ask you to "sign off"/agree with these prior to testing.

If you have questions about any of this information, see your AP teacher or email Tim Peterson, Director of Assessment

Specific Exam Information, M - Z

Below you will find information sheets for each exam (M - Z)

Test locations

In-person exams will be held at the Alliant Energy Center or at the MMSD Holtzman Building. Details will be announced.