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Madison Metropolitan School District

Civics Test Coordinator Information

Below are links to provide you with more information about the State mandated Civics assessment.

This is a requirement for receiving a diploma beginning with the graduating class in 2016-17.

American Sign Language version:

American Sign Language video playlist screen shot

YouTube playlist here

The following 100 questions are signed in American Sign Language (ASL) and are intended for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students who need to take the Wisconsin Civics Exam in order to meet graduation requirements for the 2016 - 2017 school year. Teachers of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing will want to refer to the script that was used to create this playlist. This script, which is taken from the US Citizenship and Immigration test, will provide the answers (in English) to all 100 questions.

The ASL version of the Civics exam has been made available for students through a joint project between Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) and the Wisconsin Educational Service Program for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (WESP) - the Wisconsin School for the Deaf and Outreach. Questions, comments and feedback can be directed to Connie Gartner at the Wisconsin School for the Deaf.

Administration Notes:

Civics Test Administration notes document

Audio files:

  • The files linked on this document are for MMSD's Form 1. The files are available in the languages listed.
  • Form 1 audio files (English).
  • Form 1 audio files (Spanish). 
  • Form 1 audio files (Mandinka).

ELL/SwD Supports:

  • Per Wisconsin State Statute, students are not exempt from the test due to DPI language levels. Students may request the test in any language that they wish. To request a specific language, complete the form linked below. Please allow 3 weeks to complete the translation
  • For large print options, Survey Monkey does allow for on-screen magnification. To enlarge text, use "Control +" (plus). To decrease the size of the text, use "Control -" (minus)