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Madison Metropolitan School District

PreACT Secure Family Information

Below you will find information to help you understand what the PreACT Secure test is, what it is used for, and how to support your student.

Understanding your PreACT Secure Results:

Aspire Family Letter

Letter to families: 

PreACT Secure Test Times:

Aspire Test Times

Approximate time needed for each section of the test is found in this PDF document.

ELL/SwD Supports:

Learn more about appropriate changes to support all learners:

Aspire Accessibility for ELL and SwD


Brief description of assessment:

Learn more about the PreACT Secure test in the following documents:

Aspire Information
  • ACT High School Assessments: Information for Families -  English (pdf)

  • ACT High School Assessments: Información para las Familias - Español (pdf)

  • ACT High School Assessments: Cov Ntaub Ntawv rau Cov Tsev Neeg hauv xyoo - lus hmoob (pdf)

State Level Data:

Learn more about the PreACT Secure test and how MMSD schools are doing at the following DPI website:

Wisconsin WISEDash System

Discussion points:

Wondering what questions to ask in a meeting or conference? Here are some starting points:

Aspire Discussion Points

Using results to help your child:

You have received the most recent test results, so now what? How can you use them to help support your child? Below are some ideas:

  • ** NOTE: the district does not endorse any of these sites -- they serve as resources.

  • For the English portion of the test

  • For the Reading portion of the test

  • For the Math portion of the test

  • For the Science portion of the test