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Madison Metropolitan School District

PSAT/SAT Family Information Update: January 2021

Updates on PSAT/SAT testing.

National Testing (Saturdays)

National testing requires students to register prior to exams and pick specific dates. These tests, given on specific Saturdays, typically require a payment in order to participate. The PSAT, which is given on a Wednesday or a Saturday, is included in this decision.

During the pandemic while the district is in a virtual instructional environment, there will be no SAT or PSAT tests given on the National test dates. When the district reopens, test dates will open up once again.

PSAT and the NMSQT

There is no mandated testing in Wisconsin that involves the PSAT or the SAT. If a student is interested in alternate ways of getting into the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying process, please contact your high school counselor.

MMSD's statement on PSAT

Elementary Family Calendar

Good Afternoon Madison Community -

After discussions with our high school principals and a recommendation from our Lead Nurse about the administration of the PSAT. We will not be offering this to students in January. We want to put the health and safety of both students and staff first. We know that high school students transmit the virus similarly to adults, so there is an increased risk of transmission than there is with younger children. With the higher risk of transmission there is a greater concern of spread to others.

We put the health and safety of both students and staff first, and MMSD’s Reopening Metrics report on many criteria and variables to help guide decisions. As recommended by Public Health of Madison-Dane County, these metrics include the number of new cases of COVID-19 in Dane County. We want to see the 14-day average of new cases to be 43 or fewer per day before returning to in-person instruction for grades 6-12. Through January 4th, the 14-day average was 168 per day.

In addition, other metrics published by Public Health include the following:

  • Dane County had a high positivity rate of 5.8% (Public Health’s benchmark is 5% or below)

  • Dane County has a large number of cases (32%) over the most recent 14 day period who don't know where they could have gotten COVID-19 (Public Health’s benchmark is 20%)

  • Dane County Public Health is only able to contact 45% of positive cases within 48 hours. (Public Health’s benchmark is 85%)

Please reach out if you have any questions,

Michael Hernandez, Co-Chief of Secondary Schools

Dr. Marvin Pryor, Co-Chief of Secondary Schools