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Madison Metropolitan School District

Associate Superintendents - Elementary

The Associate Superintendent of Elementary Schools oversee the district's thirty-two elementary schools. The work of the Department of Elementary Schools is directed toward producing high levels of engagement, learning, and relationships for our K-5 grade students. Creating and sustaining quality school leadership, quality teaching, and high levels of student performance in the elementary schools occurs through:
  • Understanding and implementing best practices.
  • Using data to guide decisions - especially continuous assessment of individual learning and group performance.
  • Collaborating at key levels of the organization:
    • At the school level among principals, teachers, support staff, and parents.
    • At the leadership and management level through the principal professional learning meetings twice a month.
    • At the district level as schools work with other departments to create cohesive, coordinated direction and support for schools.

The principals and teachers of MMSD's thirty-two elementary schools consistently provide a high quality of education for a diverse population of over 11,400 students. The Central Office administrators and staff in the Department of Elementary Schools provide coordinated support for continued school improvement based on MMSD Board of Education goals and the MMSD strategic priorities.