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Madison Metropolitan School District


The Madison Metropolitan School District Athletics Program is considered an integral part of the secondary educational program. Our vision is that MMSD athletics provides equitable programming opportunities that support the District’s vision to prepare all students for college, career, and community.   

Athletics play an integral role in community building and identity of Madison schools and support the development of commitment, reliability, honesty, integrity, accountability, and perseverance in each of our student athletes. Through participation in co-curricular athletics programs, students strive to become better students, athletes, leaders, and citizens.

Our purpose is to provide unique educational experiences that will contribute to the development of better citizens. Emphasis is upon the teaching "through" athletics in addition to teaching the "skills of" athletics.

The Madison athletic program provides a wide range of opportunities for all students who desire to participate in Interscholastic athletics at Madison high schools.

Online registration for all sports is open on the website so you can take care of initial eligibility right now for the 2022-23 school year. Fees will be paid through Infinite Campus once teams are rostered, usually the beginning of the second week of the season.
The fall Kick-off meeting is available on the MMSD YouTube channel



Motion M

Tim Richardson,
Interim Memorial High School Athletic Director 
Leigha Sponsel, Athletic Secretary
Office Phone: 608-663-6191
Office Fax:  608-442-2197
Memorial High School Athletics Website


West W

Corvonn Gaines,
West High School Athletic Director, 608-204-3060
Natalie Loranger,
Athletic Secretary
Office Phone: 608-204-4103
Office Fax: 608-204-4966
West High School Athletics Website


East E

TJ Rogness,
East High School Athletic Director
Jeneene Olson-McConley, Athletic Secretary
Office Phone: 608-204-1604
Office Fax: 608-204-0388
East High School Athletics Website


La Follette L

Scott Swanson,
La Follette High School Athletic Director,
Lindsay Lyons, Athletic Secretary
Office Phone: 608-204-3641
Office Fax: 608-204-0440
La Follette High School Athletics Website

La Follette