Monday, September 26, 2016 - 4:30pm


The Madison Middle School Science Symposium is an exciting opportunity for students to conduct independent, authentic scientific research of their own choice. Students work as individuals, in pairs, or in small groups with other students who share a similar scientific interest. Student project groups are paired with a mentor whose role is to guide students’ research through completion.  Students’ research culminates with a symposium event on April 20th, 2017, at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery where students present their research to their Madison middle school peers. It is an exciting day to share their work, learn about other students’ research, and feel what it is like to be a real scientist!  Additional information can be found on the Science Symposium Website.

Student applications for the Symposium will be available on the website, beginning Sept. 26 - Oct. 14.  Students will be paired with their mentor by mid to late November.  

Please encourage all students in your school to participate. Posters to advertise this opportunity will be displayed in schools and a message has been sent out to families through the MMSD Family Newsletter.  I also recommend showing the video on our webpage to your classes as a way to get them excited about the opportunity.

Questions? Contact the Teacher Contact(s) for your school or Carmen Lombard, or 663-5474


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