As we prepare to begin the year 100% virtually, it is critical that all students have a working digital device before September 8. Most students will be turning in the device they currently have and receiving a new one. We know some schools have collected devices already. If that's the case for you, please do come on the date scheduled to pick up your new device. 

Throughout August, we will be communicating with families in waves about how, when and where to exchange devices, beginning with incoming 9th grade students, who will exchange their devices August 17 and 18.

You can find the schedule here. Only the schools that are already scheduled are currently listed, and we will be updating this page as we finalize plans for additional schools.

Thank you for your patience. Know that we are working through a complex plan and will be reaching out to you when it is time to exchange your student's device. Expect to receive an email and a text message (if you have opted in to receive text messages from MMSD) from us about your student's exchange date, time and location, once we finalize all plans.